ArborPro Management Company (API) is a fully integrated and experienced disaster relief management firm.  We are a small business entity dedicated to hiring local residents for our projects.  Our company provides data management, safety monitoring, GIS services and field management for disaster relief projects.  We are currently working on the Katrina Hurricane Relief Effort in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Our project team in New Orleans manages the landfills, certifies trucks, monitors debris tickets, provides GIS maps and provides quality control for a database of over 170,000 load tickets representing well over 4,700,000 cubic yards of debris.  We mobilized a staff of 35 employees within three days for the Hurricane Katrina Project.







Management Plan Project Management



API believes in a constant flow of communication, this allows us to be involved in all aspects of the operation we are managing.  Our number one goal of course is the satisfaction of our clients.  We will maintain constant communication with our assigned client representative to ensure he is up-to-date with all aspects of our operations.  In addition he will be provided with daily reports providing information on production by crew, any changes to operations structure and any safety or environmental issues that may have arisen.

Our second goal of communication is keeping information flowing between contractors and our staff.  With this in mind we mandate daily reporting by all contractors to our Operation Manager.  The Field Supervisors are in constant communication with all crews on the ground providing support and direction.  We also provide daily reports to the contractors in our evening meetings.  This allows the contractor to verify the work he has completed and helps them keep a handle on the crews working for them.  Lastly, we schedule other various meetings to provide information, data and safety information to everyone associated with the project.  Below is a sample of some of these meeting.


Safety and Environmental Awareness

API has worked on Environmentally Sensitive projects and based on our experience we have developed a Safety and Environmental Awareness plan.  We have OSHA Certified Safety Officers on staff to monitor all activities of not just our employees but the contractors we manage.  Additionally we have Environmental Analysts on staff to provide services such as noise abatement, air particle testing and environmental impact of the operations we are conducting.

Data Management


API will customize a database to meet the needs of the project.  We develop a data structure that will meet the criteria set forth by the client.  All data will be run through a variety of quality control procedures on a daily basis.  We maintain all of the data resulting from load tickets, truck certifications, hourly work, primary contractors, etc.  This data can be provided to the client via the web.  Customized reports will be developed for client tracking purposes.  Our data management services begin with the production of the appropriate forms, field monitoring, ticket runs, data entry, quality control and final reporting. We will utilize either an online database system or traditional networked system.  The online system will allow for our Clients to download data directly to their server or access reports through the web. 


Our firm has experience monitoring and cataloguing the following debris types:



Vegetation                                                Construction and Demolition

Mulch                                                       Leaners and Hangers

Stumps                                                      Asbestos Containing Material

Municipal Solid Waste                             Gas Powered Engines

Mobile Home Frames                               Demolition Debris

Household Hazardous Waste   



We currently employ Certified Programmers for both development and IT assistance for our systems.  There are currently cities and counties nationwide utilizing our Management Software.  Our data management team is highly trained and experienced in information management.


Report Tracking

Our clients receive daily reports to track project production in any format requested.  We will also submit a Daily Quality Control Report that will summarize any issues that arose in the field or as part of the data management program.  Additionally prime contractors will receive a weekly billing report.  The report will include all production for the previous week.  The report is grouped by sub contractor, truck number and ticket number.  This report will allow for the prime contractor to easily pay the sub contractors on a weekly basis.  This report will be customized for the project, below is a sample report.









GIS Services

API is an experienced provider of Geographic Information Services for municipal and federal projects.  We have developed our own GIS software suite for our client base.  Our clients can use our software to customize their own maps and reports.  GIS is a key factor in a successful and cost effective disaster relief project.  Properly using logistic data will make crews more effective and give the client a visual representation of project progress.  Below is a map from the New Orleans Katrina Relief Project representing the amount of Vegetation material hauled by Zip Code.  Please refer to Appendix I marked Map Gallery for additional maps.



GPS Services

The power of a GIS system is limited to the quality of data that is provided.  Our firm has the equipment and experience to plot GPS points with sub meter accuracy.  This data is very useful for plotting stump locations, trees, landfill sites, etc.  Our data collectors can collect GPS data in the form of a line, point or a polygon.  This information can also be utilized to identify the square feet of an area, designate zones or identify roads in rural areas.  Please review the Hanger and Leaner Map in the Map Gallery to view GPS data.





Mobilization Plan


First 48 Hours Mobilization Team

Upon notification to proceed on a project we will assemble a team of 5 managers to mobilize immediately to the area.  The team typically consists of the following personnel but can be customized to the specific needs of the Scope of Work presented:


Project Team Manager

Field Operations Manager

Truck Certification Manager

Data Manager

Field Supervisor


The team will meet and survey the project area.  Each individual has specific duties assigned for the first 48 hours and for the term of the project.  Each plays a key role in the project start-up with a goal of being at 100% operation capacity as quickly and efficiently as possible.


First 7 Days Mobilization Team

Within 7 days of the notice to proceed, API can have a total of 35 members of our qualified and trained staff on the ground.  The actual number of employees varies per the Scope of Work assigned.  We will also have contractors in place and working in assigned areas designated by the Client.  Below is a sample of an actual work area assigned during the Hurricane Katrina Recovery Effort:   

First 14 Days Mobilization Team


Within 14 days of the notice to proceed ArborPro, Inc. will have accessed the entire project needs.  We will assign the appropriate number of employees in each job classification.  The size of our staff will adjust accordingly to the project volume.





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